Providing Marketing Services for our HealthCare Clients

Astreagency have clients from countries scattered around the world that we are employed by to perform internet marketing services. We’ve recently had great success with a South African client, southern suburbs psychologist, Dr Anita Prag. Dr Prag employed our services for to market her psychologist practice in Bergvliet using PPC and Facebook Advertising campaigns. We were given a budget by our clients and a three month contract in which to complete certain objectives relating to traffic and lead generation and more importantly return on investment. All markets respond differently and getting to know the local Cape Town market in South Africa was an interesting exercise for us. The campaigns started of relatively slow with our targeted ads not receiving much attention at all. We started experimenting with A/B split testing our ads until eventually we started to notice an upward trend in the responses we were getting to the different ads we tested. Once we identified the better performing ads, we improved on those until the results improved considerably and became far more cost effective.

The Facebook Advertising Campaign for Dr Prag was a little different and actually far more interesting to work with and analyze. Dr Prag is a southern suburbs psychologist in Cape Town that treats children adults that are suffering from emotional distress, trauma or dealing with difficult life circumstances. The interesting and most important part of any Facebook Advertising Campaign is getting your demographics correct when creating the campaign. Sure, the actual image used in the ad can have a significant impact on how effective the ad is, as well as the text used but demographics selected for each individual client’s campaign is critical. We tried several variations with Dr Prag and were amazed at which demographics provided  most of the leads.

Over the period of the three month contract with Dr Prag, we were able to significantly improve the traffic to her website, measurable both by the PPC campaign analytics and her website ( analytics, particularly for the search query “psychologist southern suburbs” which was one of our goals outlined in our initial proposal to her. Working with Anita has proven to be a valuable experience for both us at Astreagency and Dr Prag. Part of our work involves getting to know our clients, their clients, and the quality of the services our clients are providing. It is clear by the fantastic response our campaigns received and the testimonials we have read from Anita Prag’s existing and past clients, that she is an extremely compassionate and intuitive psychologist.