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Web Marketing aims to get targeted traffic, this means selecting the type of users, and profiling according to age, sex and origin, which makes it an effective tool to communicate and be heard quickly, instantly and without having to deal with excessive costs. Astrea Agency web marketing campaigns take care of every detail, from choosing the best keywords on which to focus in order to attract customers who are truly interested in your site, and with the analysis of your target market.
Utilize our web marketing campaigns to get the maximum results from your target budget

SEO : Rankings on Search Engines

100% of internet users use search engines (Ex. Google, Yahoo and Bing) to search for web sites, most of them do not get with the second page of the search results.
Very often, websites are not positioned in the first results because of wrong content and incorrect analysis of keywords. Astrea offers a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization service which involves in depth research by our team.

Search Engine Marketing

The term SEM is refers to an activity that studies the most profitable keywords for your website and how to avoid an investment of time and money on invaluable keywords.
An in-depth study of your industry and competitors will help focus your investment on keywords that have a high yield with minimal investment.
Astrea Agency will provide an effective marketing plan, which will allow your budget to achieve maximum results by optimizing your website and getting the best return on your investment.
A proper analysis will enable the to rank higher in search engines, and a profitable return of investment (ROI) with Pay Per Click Campaigns.

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