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Going camping can be a lot of fun and can work out much cheaper than other holiday options. I myself am not an enthusiastic camper, but if you are prepared and follow a basic guide, it might just be a great idea. Camping is traveling somewhere away from everything to a beautiful location, spending quality time with family and friends with no interference from cell phones and other devices. There are some who would ask, how uncomfortable will it be or what do you take with? Ashanti Backpackers in Cape Town has an exceptional travel desk that can provide a variety of budget tours and trips for the enthusiastic camper. So here are a few ideas that should make camping a little less scary and a lot more appealing. Planning and preparation are the keys to going on a successful camping trip.

If you do decide to go on a short weekend away in the middle of summer, it should be okay to buy the very basics from your local store. But if you are planning a few days away and are unsure of the weather conditions, it may be a good idea to buy more reliable equipment. This is where you might spend a bit more money, but if the quality is good, the equipment should last for many trips and keep you comfortable. Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media platforms have become increasingly popular platforms for travellers to share their adventures with friends and families.

Purchase a good quality sleeping bag that will keep you warm during cold nights, just make sure you do a bit of research on the different products available so you buy the right one for you. Tents are very important when camping as they protect you from the elements. Picking the right one is important for your comfort as well. When shopping for a two man tent, you could choose this option, but it provides a very close living arrangement when having to share it. Think about rather getting a three man tent, which would offer a little more space and comfort.

To help protect you from the ground at night in your tent, it is wise to get yourself a sleeping pad. It not only provides more comfort but helps to keep you warm. You can purchase inflatable ones that are easy to assemble and carry around with you. To get around at night without tripping over everything you will need to get a simple LED headlamp and a solar powered lamp. This will help you get around the campsite and make seeing your food easier, rather than just relying on campfire light.

With adventure tourism becoming more and more popular, Africa has become one of the top destinations. Walking around in nature and participating in adventurous activities will inevitably give you some scratches and scrapes. Having a first aid kit along with the rest of your equipment is vitally important. The kit should contain all your basic needs as well as things like sunscreen and bug spray. Correct clothing is also important such as warm jackets and comfortable shoes. I found out the hard way on one camping trip, how important it is to always have a spare pair of socks handy if the ones you are wearing happen to get wet.

South Africa has numerous beautiful places to visit and there is no shortage of camping locations to choose. Many campsites, especially if you book a spot at a National Reserve will have amenities like toilets, showers and clean water. So when deciding on where to go, make sure you do a little research on what you can expect at each site. Other types of campsites may be in the wilderness somewhere off track and may not be the ideal choice for anybody camping for the first time.

Ashanti Travel offers a variety of exciting camping tours throughout South Africa and Africa. Go on amazing tours that will take you to Lesotho, the Drakensberg, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and even more exotic places such as Zanzibar and Malawi. You will get to experience camping like never before.

Astre Agency commended by Travel Company for outstanding work ?

We have been working with a client that specializes in sourcing the best priced holiday packages for people wanting to vacation in Zanzibar. Discover Zanzibar approached us several months ago after several failed attempts at increasing their online exposure despite their many online marketing attempts. The company had employed more than 5 different self appointed gurus who promised all kinds of fantastic results. Discover Zanzibar wasted large sums of money on failed Google Adwords campaigns, Facebook Marketing campaigns and several SEO experts that did nothing other than negatively effect the company’s ranking in the SERPS. If you are looking for Zanzibar holiday packages from South Africa, nobody else can beat the offers that Discover Zanzibar can negotiate for you. This is the company’s greatest strength and this is where we focused our SEO efforts.

For those who don’t know, Tanzania has a beautiful island called Zanzibar. Zanzibar is made of Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It comprises of Stone Town the famous town which is also known as a World Heritage Site. It is widely known for spices and tourism. The name Spice Islands is derived from spices as some islands make cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper. These spices must be really good for the name Spice Islands to come about. Our work with this customer was focused on improving their positioning in the SERPS.
It is also the home of some of the most unique animals namely the Zanzibar red colobus ape, the Zanzibar servaline genet, and the (perhaps inexistent) Zanzibar leopard. The origin of language and history in Zanzibar is a dynamic topic. Indians, Swahili and Arabs are some of the dynamic residents you will find residing in Zanzibar today.

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Energy is derived by an unpredictable supply of electricity. Being that electricity is not a form of stable energy, firewood, coal or gas is used should the retrieval of electricity be a concern. However, Zanzibar is not like other countries where they feel like death is near when they have no electricity. They find other means of survival such as petroleum products amongst others.
The education system is also significantly different compared to other countries. In Tanzania and Zanzibar, there are a few grades that are mandatory for a learner to pass and the remaining grades are voluntarily. Although they are not far apart, their education system is greatly different. The art of education is not on the number of years you have studied but rests on the knowledge learnt.
Most of Zanzibar residents are Muslim but there also Christians and Hindus who follow the Hinduism religion. Religion is firmly subjected on an individual’s personal belief. The different religions show a sense of freedom of choice when it comes to religion selection. No religion is greater than the other and it is for this reason that one must respect other people’s religion and beliefs.
The economy of Tanzania is big on agriculture. Agriculture is where the country makes most of its profit. Tanzania has been known to be make people feel on top of the world with the highest summit of Mount Kilimanjaro being at Tanzania. If you ever feel like seeing the country from a different angle, Mount Kilimanjaro has got you covered.
Camouflage clothing in the safari is prohibited. This might be due to the fact that you are seen as a security guard while you are not. Whatever the reason, it needs to be obliged to and respected. Laws and regulations governing a country are not put in place to waste paper but to protect the lives and assets of a country.
Tanzania also has exclusive taste having the most expensive tree namely the hardwood tree. Class, culture and history are common aspects you can find when visiting Tanzania. Tanzania shares a national anthem with South Africa. Within two or three months our agency had managed to increase our client’s visibility on the internet by more than 500%, allowing their strength, the ability to provide the best Zanzibar hotels, to triple in sales.
This is not as common as countries love their heritage and opt for coming up with their own national anthem. Tanzania is one of the few countries that don’t mind sharing. If you looking for a good time and great schooling, visiting Tanzania should definitely be on the cards. You will not regret the vacation and it will surely give you better insight about this glorious country.
Where else have you seen a country that has lions climbing trees? Tanzania is the jack of all trades with a National Park that has actual lions climbing trees. If this is not a jaw dropper then nothing ever will. Visit Tanzania and get the best vacation of your life!