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Going camping can be a lot of fun and can work out much cheaper than other holiday options. I myself am not an enthusiastic camper, but if you are prepared and follow a basic guide, it might just be a great idea. Camping is traveling somewhere away from everything to a beautiful location, spending quality time with family and friends with no interference from cell phones and other devices. There are some who would ask, how uncomfortable will it be or what do you take with? Ashanti Backpackers in Cape Town has an exceptional travel desk that can provide a variety of budget tours and trips for the enthusiastic camper. So here are a few ideas that should make camping a little less scary and a lot more appealing. Planning and preparation are the keys to going on a successful camping trip.

If you do decide to go on a short weekend away in the middle of summer, it should be okay to buy the very basics from your local store. But if you are planning a few days away and are unsure of the weather conditions, it may be a good idea to buy more reliable equipment. This is where you might spend a bit more money, but if the quality is good, the equipment should last for many trips and keep you comfortable. Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media platforms have become increasingly popular platforms for travellers to share their adventures with friends and families.

Purchase a good quality sleeping bag that will keep you warm during cold nights, just make sure you do a bit of research on the different products available so you buy the right one for you. Tents are very important when camping as they protect you from the elements. Picking the right one is important for your comfort as well. When shopping for a two man tent, you could choose this option, but it provides a very close living arrangement when having to share it. Think about rather getting a three man tent, which would offer a little more space and comfort.

To help protect you from the ground at night in your tent, it is wise to get yourself a sleeping pad. It not only provides more comfort but helps to keep you warm. You can purchase inflatable ones that are easy to assemble and carry around with you. To get around at night without tripping over everything you will need to get a simple LED headlamp and a solar powered lamp. This will help you get around the campsite and make seeing your food easier, rather than just relying on campfire light.

With adventure tourism becoming more and more popular, Africa has become one of the top destinations. Walking around in nature and participating in adventurous activities will inevitably give you some scratches and scrapes. Having a first aid kit along with the rest of your equipment is vitally important. The kit should contain all your basic needs as well as things like sunscreen and bug spray. Correct clothing is also important such as warm jackets and comfortable shoes. I found out the hard way on one camping trip, how important it is to always have a spare pair of socks handy if the ones you are wearing happen to get wet.

South Africa has numerous beautiful places to visit and there is no shortage of camping locations to choose. Many campsites, especially if you book a spot at a National Reserve will have amenities like toilets, showers and clean water. So when deciding on where to go, make sure you do a little research on what you can expect at each site. Other types of campsites may be in the wilderness somewhere off track and may not be the ideal choice for anybody camping for the first time.

Ashanti Travel offers a variety of exciting camping tours throughout South Africa and Africa. Go on amazing tours that will take you to Lesotho, the Drakensberg, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and even more exotic places such as Zanzibar and Malawi. You will get to experience camping like never before.

Astre Agency partners with Cape Town SEO company

Astre Agency are proud to announce that we have partnered with Cape Town SEO agency, Seorank, relatively new SEO company that is made up of a group of creative thinkers with years of experience in the Internet marketing field. In our industry it’s not always easy to find dependable agencies to partner up with. All to often in these situations when dealing with prospective partner in a foreign country, it’s possible to get mislead by them and provided with false information and statistics. For this reason, Astre Agency take any form of affiliation with another company or agency extremely seriously. We spend a great deal of time doing in depth due diligence, research, and following up of any testimonials and client details supplied to us by our possible future business partners. Being so cautious we manage to weed out any undesirable partners that may be inflating their performance abilities and client satisfaction through the use of inflated metrics and unreliable testimonials. We pay careful attention to reviewing our prospective partner’s existing client lists, their businesses and the results delivered by the agency in question. We make personal contact with these clients via email or direct telephone call, confirming their opinion of our prospective partner and the level of satisfaction with that partner – whether the metrics and growth statistic charts are in fact legitimate.

This may seem to be a tireless and perhaps unnecessary process for some, but at Astre Agency, we believe we are only as good as our reputation, so if we are going to partner with an agency we do our utmost to ensure that our reputation is safeguarded.

We performed the same research and due diligence process with SEORank SEO Cape Town when we first considered them as an option to partner with. Sure, we had heard that they had a great reputation and dozens of satisfied clients as evident from all the positive feedback on their website and Facebook business page, but we still followed our standard process we use when vetting potential partners.

So we started by reviewing SEORank’s past and current client list, contacting each client individually and communicating with them either via email or Skype. We did background checks on each of these clients and their websites too, ensuring that they were bonafide businesses and clients with functioning websites offering products and services. As a strict rule, Astre Agency will not take on clients who operate in the Adult, Gambling or Pharma sectors.

After conducting a thorough research we were duly impressed with SEORank’s track record and ability to deliver results to their clients. Each and every past or current client of theirs that we communicated with had only good things to report regarding their level of service, their willingness too spend time explaining difficult concepts not entirely understood by their clients and most importantly consistently reach their target goals as set out in their projects and deliver the results, often exceeding those set out in their project contracts. So we are now proud to announce that we have established a working partnership with SEORank Cape Town SEO agency in order to broaden our horizons and collaborate on projects that will be mutually beneficial to both of us.

Astrea Web Agency

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